BB+Aeros Qs

Firstly the Aeros is rad. I suck at timing my loops, the visual reinforcement of the waveforms and measure lines helps greatly.


  1. So far you can’t upload a sound file to a track (unless I’ve missed something). But what if I create a song and record a “scratch” track in a song part of necessary length which is being saved to SD Card, wouldn’t I be able to replace that file with one of my own (making sure the name and file type remain the same)? Wouldn’t that be a viable workaround?

  2. I have an Aeros and I have a BeatBuddy, but I don’t always want to be forced to use both. I haven’t tried this yet, but wouldn’t I be able to midi sync them and send the BeatBuddy OUTs to the Aero’s INs? That way, after the drums are recorded in the Aeros I wouldn’t be forced to rely on both machines. I’ve seen a few comments suggesting others are doing this too, just wanted to confirm and get tips on best methods of doing so.

  3. It’s tempting to try some songwriting with 6x6 mode but I’m curious how folks organize their song parts and quickly switch to the appropriate song part during live performances. For example, many popular songs use a structure similar to the following: intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus, chorus, outro. That’s at least 5 distinct parts and it can sometimes be more. And if the verse is the second song part and the bridge four, how do you quickly switch to song part 2 from 4 when performing?

  4. Other than practice, anyone have suggestions for how best to time your in and outs when recording a track into a looper. I’m always late in and early out hahaha. I know one technique is to start playing before you tap record that way your strumming is already in syncopation to the beat.