BB AEROS yes MM no Sync

ok got all three pieces now.

aeros 4.1.5
BB 4.0.1
MM 1.1.7

beat buddy syncs and controls aeros
MM is not affected beatbuddy or aeros…

BB out to aeros in
MM out to BB in

Connected like this? With these connections, the MM should be able to control the BB and the Aeros using (for starters) the default BB and Aeros modes. Also, double check your MIDI settings on the BB and Aeros so that they’re sending and receiving the MIDI messages correctly.

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connected like that except the extra footswitch is connected to expansion on MM. connected with cell phone app and updated firmware from 1.1.4 to 1.1.7 other than that it is default settings.
brand new midi cables a three(adapter and in and out) and tried three different cables on the MM out to BB in connection. BB and Aeros are talking to each other. if there is a setting that needs to be in either of them they should be in the maestro manual. is there channel settings? midi set to merge.

i should be able to plug a midi keyboard in and trigger drum sounds to test the midi in?

Not sure what the issue is then. I guess it’s possible the MIDI IN cable on the BB Breakout cable is defective, but I doubt it. There are channel settings for the MM commands, but as long as the BB and Aeros are listening to all channels, that wouldn’t be an issue either. TBH, I’m a MIDI novice, so I don’t know what else to suggest other than contacting support@singularsound and asking Jay for help.

In theory, but I’m not sure I know if it’s that simple.

break out is new. my new theory is it is a bad midi in on BB and this is the first time ive tried it. ive got a support line in but the combination of my abbreviated writing style and his hasty reading. wasted the first communications.

Are you using a TRS cable?

The cable going to the external “BB” footswitch that is now connected to the MM is TRS and the one that came with it, atm. and it does change pages on the MM.

midi cables tested ok with midi keyboard to Yamaha DD-55.
but midi out of those two devices is not triggering beatbuddy to make sounds when connected to midi in.

breakout cable was replaced last night. old one was losing sync to aeros when cable got moved(was not ajar or disconnected)the problem seemed to be where the cable split… dont know how to test whether its the Midi adapter cable cable IN VS beatbuddy port or setting. channel on in is set to omni.

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all settings default on MM.

in beat buddy mode i can scroll to the page with hits and nothing is triggered.
top left is the midi leading to the BB. brand new and color coded.
breakout was also replaced and is new. BB able to control aeros. MM does nothing with either.
MIDI Maestro direct to the Aeros midi in (without the BeatBuddy). controls areos.
Connect the MIDI Maestro direct to the BeatBuddy midi in (without the aeros.) no control.
here is a video of me scrolling through my settings

The problem is likely a physical one, you will have to test your cable as well, if you are already in contact with it is best you continue the conversation with them as they will be best equipped to assist you.

Thank you for reporting.