BB and Addictive Drums

I’m recording own songs and for the drum track I use BB’s midi signs to DAW, so that for the later editing. I have Addictive Drums, EZ drummer and Battery, but it seems sometimes mapping isn’t correct. I use BB as in live situation while recording, to avoid hard job with sorting beats, fills etc. and it works fine, but this mapping problem forces me to tweaking with mapping. How can I avoid this? Any suggestions?

Build your own kits to match the mapping of Addictive Drums, EZ Drummer and Battery. Once you’ve done it, it’s done and available for you to use on your BB anytime you want. You can take an existing kit and alter it. Add pieces where necessary, change midi numbers where needed, etc. Just remember to change the name of the kit in Drumset Maker. I can explain this in more depth if needed, however Singular has now posted the User’s guide for the Drumset Maker, and that should answer most questions.

Good idea. I’m not familiar with Drumsetmaker, but will dig in. However I tweaked with problem and found, that EZ drummer is compatible in most of cases. Thanks!

I discovered, that there is possible to change map preset in Addictive drums to many different types, including GM, which used by BB. Will try it, maybe this is the one of possible solutions. Maybe same in EZ and Battery also. By the way, your information can be very useful for the future, especially when I want to play some latin. For example, EZ is working in this way with simple rock/pop set but yesterday I tried BB to EZ with latin beats, which containes percussions too, auditioned on EZ’s latin set and no way. It needs serious remapping. Addictive has no latin things at all, but it’s really nice and solid, agressive for rock. So, every style and song needs it’s own approach. Of course, this question arises, when we want record BB with midi. So, thanks.

In Addictive Drums 2, click on the question mark (top right hand corner) from the drop down select Maps, and then when that opens select GM and also on that screen you can set it as the program default.

Addictive 1 (which I still have, can do the same just in a different way)

Yes, I tried this and it works fine. Problem solved. Thanks for the help!

You should never change the mapping of the BeatBuddy drumsets, as none of the existing beats available on it (or Premium Library) will play back properly. Changing the mapping of the plugins you are using is the way to go, which you are doing. Good on you.

Yes, that’s what I’m doing. I change just mapping in plugin.