BB and Aeros MIDI BPM creep issue

I mentioned this problem after I updated to 4.0.0. I just updated to the 4.0.1 and problem persists.

2 out of 4 songs I did as a test on 4.0.1 show BPM differences after recording just a couple tracks… The BPM is set by the BB and it has always been identical after a save until the 4.0 series of firmware. For example, the Aeros show 121 BPM after a save, while the BB still shows 120 BPM. This does not happen all the time. This BPM difference somehow introduces a gap at the loop Begin/End transition that will not record, causing a noticeable “dead air” gap in the sound output.

I use 6x6 mode in stereo exclusively.

I tried reverting to 3.5.1 and the problem goes away, allowing several dozen new song recordings with no errors, so it seems to be 4.0 related.

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Hey there, I received your message and have tested this bug. The developers are looking into this and tell me they may have a solution soon.

Thank you for reporting!

I’m currently testing this issue to see if it might be a loose MIDI connection on the BB, just to rule out a intermittent hardware connection as the culprit.

It may also be related to MIDI clock filtering which we improved in 4.0.0, so far Dev seems to think there is a solution, so stay tuned!

I’m having the same issue as well. Anyway to have this solution fixed. Thanks