BB and Aeros together, controlling when a loop restarts

I’ve been using the BB for years to play live. Love it.
I’ve been learning to use it with the Aeros.
Still a newbie looper.
I understand how to use the Aeros by itself pretty well.

I like to play songs “as written.”

I want to be able play lead over a looped verse (first part) and a looped chorus or bridge (next part).

So the BB is set as the master with the click lead in. And the Aeros is set at two track.

The Aeros starts recording when the drums start. Cool, most of the time. I can stop the recording what I play with the Aeros and the drums/BB continues playing. Cool. ie. The verse is recorded to play lead over.

Long push the BB pedal and it goes to it’s next part and the Aeros records the Next part I play, ie. The Chorus. Cool. I can get this to play on the Aeros to play lead over

I want to be able to have the Aeros parts stopped until I want them to play.

They’ll be triggered and start automatically after I’ve used the BB two button switch to pause and restart.
The Aeros restarts the loops if I long press the BB to change parts back to BB part one or BB part 3, 4, so on. ie. They’ll start automatically again if I use a BB drumbeat that has several parts.

For Instance My Girl/Temptations which has 8 or 9 parts.
I record and overdub the bass line, and the guitar picking part, and the rhythm guitar part.

I may be expecting too much?

I’ve not been able to get the Aeros Beta firmware update via SD card to work for me.

So, again, how do I make the Aeros only play the loop when I want it to With the BB?

Thanks in advance.

ok then.

i was able to get the firmware updated.

however, as I did not receive an answer to my main inquiry is there any chance things have changed?

Again I’d like to be able to:

be able to start the BB without the Aeros starting.
punch in on the Aeros and start recording ie. start recording and play when I want it to.