BB and Arturia Beatstep pro midi question

The BB and the Arturia are working for the most part midi wise but I have one problem.
When I hit play on the Arturia sequencer the BB plays both the BBs selected patch (on screen) and the sequence I created at the same time. if I hit pause on the Arturia everything stops. I hit PAUSE again and just my sequence plays.

But- Once I hit STOP (not pause) and hit PLAY again they both play again.

How do I stop the BB from playing its selected song? Just my sequence.

You have to filter the midi “start” command. It is causing BB to start the currently selected song.

Alternatively, you could disable BB System Real Time Start. This will cause the pedal to ignore the start messages. It will continue to play the notes you send from your controller.

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Thanks. That fixed it.