BB and MM Connection Question

Hi there,

I am looking for some help.

I have had my BB for a few months now and I love it. I use a Headrush looper (HLB) too and the best connection I can do is to get the BB to be a slave to the Headrush LB master. This allows me to use my looper on its own without the BB getting in the way when I want to loop from scratch.

I have just bought the Midi Maestro (MM) as I like the idea of the extra features.

Sometimes I will want to use the BB and MM to play a BB song and I realise that the MM being the master to the BB and the looper to be a slave is the best way to do this. If I do though it messes up the way it works when I want to loop from scratch creating my own percussion etc.

I am looking for a bit of a pointer.

Am I best to:

  1. Have MM as master controller MIDI out to BB Midi out to HLB and import a low level brush style beat that basically acts as a click track for me.

  2. Have the HLB as the master MIDI out to the Midi in to MM and then MM MIDI out to BB.

In both of these the BB gows then into one of the input audio channels of the HLB but I do not let it record to a looper track it just plays.

Any other ideas would be gratefully received.

I know very little about MIDI.

Thanks all.


I’d definitely put the MM as the master → HLB → BB.

You have tons of midi commands for that Headrush that you can make a really nice custom mode for on the Midi Maestro and the MM doesn’t need the beat pulse or time signature info.

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Thanks for the reply I will have a play at that later. I hasdnt thought of this configuration. Ian