BB and Pigtronix infinity noob question

I just buy the pigtronix infinty looper (get it soon)

Before I make mistakes :
Do I use the IN or Out of the BB cable to connect into the Pigtronix?(because the Pigtronix have only One midi Input

Do I need to adjust something or it’s ready when just plug in the midi?

I ask that because all the manuals of the Pigtronix is in english, and I’m french
So if you can if explain in a very simple way



Ok I find a video about that

thanks to this guy !

I had the Pigtronix for a few weeks, it was good, but the Voice Live 3 was better for me.
Rock on PunkyBoy!!!

After fighting with the looper to get it work with the BB
I definitly win the fight lol

It was needed to let the looper detecting the BB

Chapter 6
6.5 Full Midi Mapping on the Infinity manual

It’s awesome to use BB with the looper

Yes, the Pigtronix does have a cool feature that can stop the loop with the BB, the VL3 does not do that. However, the VL3 does have very good Vocal, Guitar effects and your loops can be any length, where the Pigtronix the loops have to be the same length.
have fun.

yeah but I think I have a problem

Sometimes when I start a loop and the loop play the first time good but the second time the volume drop down?
Also when I start a loop and make an overdub the volume drop seriously down?

I go contact Pigtronix support

Is fixed, just saw on manual that the volume knoob of each loop is fixed to 12 o clock
And when you go higher the looper decrease the overdubs and recording loops, when the input is too high


Now I can Rock On in Full mode :slight_smile: