BB and Pod HD500x midi settings

I try to setup some midi settings on my Line 6 Pod Hd 500x to use the footswitch of the pod with the BB
But for ex:
I set the looper footswitch of the pod for the outro of the BB it works perfectly, but if I change the preset on the POD, the songs and a different folder of the BB change too but the outro work always? I don’t want that the BB change the songs?

What do I wrong ?


Hi Punkyboy,

when you change patches on the HD500x it sends always a bank and programm change command which is on the same MSB and LSB like the Beatbuddy’s (CC00 and CC32).
eg. when you change to the first setlist’s second patch in your HD500x it will send MCB CC00 LSB CC32 0 program number 1 automatically to all connected midi devices, including the BB (in this case the first folder’s second beat/song will be activated).
So the solution should be to stop BB listening to these automatic commands duo you can’t turn these off in the HD500x.
I think the way it works is to change the global midi channel of the HD500x to a channel not used by the BB. Though you can still change the channel on your HD500 footswitch for the outro.
For example:

  1. set BB midi channel to 1
  2. set HD500x general midi channel to 2 (setup page 6 I think)
  3. Go to your HD500x patch where you programmed the BB outro and set the midi channel of the footswitch to the Beatbuddy’s channel 1.

I think this should work.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you very much my friend
WORKING 100% now

You are welcome. I am just preparing my setup (BB and HD500x) and am so glad about these new midi-features.

Working great!
just for the transition you need to setup on CC toogle
so when you push the switch the transition stay playing and need a repush to get back on tempo
set it to 000, other way the transition started if you switch to this preset

all week i was thinking of buying
a line6 pod 500x or the gt100

the beatbuddy syncs with the pod 500x (no problems) ?

love to see a video
if you would put it up

do you prefer the pod or gt ??


BB sync midi commands working fine with the Pod 500x (NOT WITH THELOOPER OF THE 500X )
Take a look here in french but some words in english at the end you will see and hear