BB as Midi Sequencer

The BB is already very versatile. The possibility to use it as a sampler in a footpedal ist unique.
But why not go further?
The option to send the played midi notes through the midiout could be used to trigger other MIDI instruments such as Bass, synth, Piano or harmonies for the Voicelive etc.
You could underlay each Song part with additional background.
Unfortunately the BB handles MIDI notes in a very strange way. For each midi note played, the BB send multible Noteoff and Zero Velocity commands. No other Instrument than a drumpad could be triggered by such a Midi signal.
Why cant the BB play a standand Midifile with all the notelength, aftertouch, etc. and perhaps even CC commands. The possibilities would be even more unheard of.


We may do this eventually, but we are not prioritizing this right now, thanks for the suggestion!