BB battery pedalboard, BB mode and help needed

I decide to separate my BB and the Aeros from my main pedalboard , so I can move around easily , for convinience I wanted it to run out a battery bank , so I ardered a CIOKES power supply , and I built a little pedalboard , now I have the BB And the Aeros isolated from the amp and the mixer , eliminating possibility of phase issues . PIC 4 & 5
So to complement the built I decide to add a mini jack on the back , to plug my iPad , and have all going to the headphone output ; so I wired a mini jack sleeve to the common and tip and ring to left and right connector on the jack input of the beat buddy - PIC 3 , now I don’t have to have that Y splinter cable , givin-me more room to place the switch pedals on the side PIC 2 ; very straight forward , the problem is it didn’t worked : ( I assumed that the tip and sleeve could be switched , so I switched their positions , did not worked , so I assumed there is a cut off switch inside the pedal , that kills the signal of the inputs , if there is no jack plugged on it , but if that was true , it should work if I have a unpowered jack inserted on it , anyone have any idea why is this not working ?