BB + Boomerang looping

Hi all, a quick question to BB and Boomerang iii phrase sampler users, have you ever thought of a way to start the BB beat and RANG to record a loop together on a single tap? Or could you please share any idea if you have been able to do so.

I am thinking of building some sort of mechanism (which might look ugly) to physically press both buttons at the same time.
Or maybe add a footswitch (wiring both switches) that will trigger both BB and Rang recording at the same time.
Apparently Rang has midi in and out but it cannot be programmed to send midi messages.

Thanks in advance.

In simple words,

I am looking for a single tap momentary footswitch that can trigger two loads at the same time but without the wires being common.

You mean just a regular TRS footswitch? Split the pedal output into parallel, maybe? Sounds like something that could be done with a custom parallel cable. (Basically a splitter.) If I’m understanding this, correctly?

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would keeping them parallel not short circuit both devices?

You could add a 4 count hi-hat intro beat and then just hit the Rang loop-start button on the 1 of song part 1. I haven’t found any other way to do what you are asking.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I am working on it and i will share you the outcome when done.


Ok, so i bought a DPDT switch and was able to make it work. Video link below.

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How does it work? Is it Midi? I thought the Boomerang could only receive tempo, start, and stop commands via MIDI?

I worked out the trick partial midi and partial physical connection soldering.

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Go the other way and use something like onsong to send the commands via midi…then have a midi controller for onsong which is your song book…I’m sure you can just use something like launchpad on the iPad also…just send commands to both

@Fastidius Thank you for the suggestion, Midi message value cannot be configured for Boomerang.
However, I have managed a workaround with a DPDT switch which can be seen in the video above.