BB drums A and B sections with bass for verse and chorus

Can you advise is this possible:

Hi All,

Is it possible for BB drums in A and B sections to import bass midi files for A=verse and B=chorus ?

Good solution for a duo of 2 guitars have more scope for interplay between 2 guitars.

Andy, Northern England

Yes. You can drums with bass in A&B sections, or just bass only if that is what you desire. You need to use a with bass kit, and you need to map (or transpose) the bass part to match the kit.

Thank you Phil

If you need more help with this, feel free to ask. What do you use to edit midi?

Hi Phil,

Use latest Logic on Mac.

Will be doing some test recordings Friday.

Great thing about Beat Buddy is

Creating a set list in OnSong

And from iPhone mounted on mic stand can move through cover songs and midi sends

Messages for kit type and tempo.

Any ideas on Bridge sections?

Re verse and chorus are taken care of for A and B sections.

Kind regards


Re: bridge section. You can have as many BB main loops as you want. Say your your song goes verse, verse, chorus, and then verse/chorus that repeats with a jam. That’s just 4 main loops. Usually, I’ll just do a one press, unless I have blues with an open ended jam. If I do, I have everything before the jam as the “intro”, the jam as main, and then everything after the jam as the outro. Do not be bound by labels. Do your own thing.

I think the soon-to-be-released Maestro will allow the Beat Buddy to go from any part to any other part.

Hi Phil,

Just to confirm and please allow me to get my head around the multiple section loops.

It’s seems to be a case of thinking out

the a time line of a song with its sections.

Choosing which type of arrangement to go for.

[1]There’s the fully worked out one press (one shot) that goes from start of the song to the end with no looping.

[2] And then the other with multiple section Loops.

This approach requires working out the creation of loops and then the sequence of presses to give the song order.

Using your example of a song:

and if we can say all song sections are 8 measures/bars in length:

verse 8, verse, chorus 8, and then verse/chorus 16 bars that repeats with a jam.

In live performance select song on BB

Starts with a count in and then song =

always plays by default

Loop 1 :8bars : Verse. (leave for 2 plays)

Press for Loop 2 : 8 bars: Chorus

Press for Loop 3 : 16 bars: Verse/Chorus

Press for Loop 4 : JAM over full song 24bars: verse, verse/chorus

Hope I’m figuring this right way.

Kind regards and thank you.