BB & Fishman/Bose/PA

Hi, I play in an acoustic duo, we use two SA 220 Fishman’s for smaller venues, for added projection we can use the Behringer 400W powered speakers we have, from the Di outs (post out) on the Fishman’s. I have played with The Bose and I agree when properly set with sub woofers and tone generator it does sound great, but for the full set up it will cost you close to $3000
My personal set up is guitar/mandolin/banjo and harmony vocal through Digitech VL3 (mono out) to mic input on the Jamman stereo looper, BB line out x 2 to jamman, I can mix the levels of both inputs separately on the jamman then out to source via BBE sonic max, Balanced XLR into SA 220. The two Fishman are linked with two XLR cables through in/out monitors on each SA 220 working as a stage monitors. I play at home with the signal through my recorder to the studio monitors. The singer in the duo uses The TC Voice live 3 stereo out to his Fishman. The key to using these vocal/guitar processors is to keep the PA channel gain low and control input gain to PA with the processor itself.
I have noticed the Fishman lack the bottom end needed to make BB sound great when running through the it, so I am experimenting with sending the BB, mono out (keeping the other BB input in the Looper) to one of those 400W powered speakers on the floor behind us. Sounds much better, the thump is there and right behind you like a real drummer. While I do think the complete Bose setup (subs & tone generator) is the best overall, but expensive, there are competitors (Namm 15) The Fishman have been reasonably reliable for the five years used, they excel for acoustic, but don’t like BB (or bass/high line level) in the higher vol settings great for us and is a whole lot cheaper.
One last thing to add Both the Fishman and Bose and others are really designed for each performer to have their own and then they are all linked together and that is when they will sound the best.

Good thoughts. I’m looking at the SA 220 and run the BB into powered speakers separate from the Fishman.

With just guitar and voice, do you find the line out to a bigger monitor to improve the overall sound of the Fishman?