BB footswitch cable improvement suggestion


I posted this on Facebook, but wanted to repeat it here. I suggest that the company revise the stereo cable that comes with the BB Footswitch. It seems to be of high quality, but as delivered, it has right angle plugs on both ends. Unfortunately, this does not work well on the pedal end due to the placement of the footswitch jack. As it is, the right angle plug either blocks the input jacks, stands vertically higher than the pedal or forces the cable past the front edge of the pedal which won’t work on many pedalboards. A better choice would be a straight plug (as compact as possible) for the pedal side and a right angle plug for the footswitch side. Of course the best solution would be to have the footswitch jack furthest back so the plug might only interfere with the headphone volume control, but that would take a redesign of the circuit board and I understand that would not be feasible. Maybe on a version 2.

See the photos below that illustrate the issue:


plus 1


plus 1!


I Agree about the cable -Good suggestion! I was getting some photos together to point out the same thing. I think that straight end for the BB and RT angle for the switch would work a little better. Maybe offer both and let the buyer choose which configuration will work best.


Good suggestion. But as a bonus, you now have an extra high quality patch cable to use for something else on your pedal board! :slight_smile:


Oh joy. It’s only extra if they send out a properly configured cable.


Why so negative?! Did someone offend you? Cheer up! BeatBuddy is great!


Really? To the extent you’re representing the company, this kind of post is unprofessional and reflects poorly on the company.


Your feedback is always welcome, DavidE! :slight_smile: