BB functionality with Aeros Multi Meter

Hello all.
Splendid to see that new Aeros update has the ability to change time signatures (Respect to developers etc) but how does this work with BB? Does BB now support such a change within the structure of a song?
If so, how? and What hand does the Midi Maestro play in this if any?
Thanks much.

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Hi there,

The BeatBuddy has always been able to have parts with multiple time signatures, but time signatures are set by the BeatBuddy’s source MIDI files, the file tells the BB Manager what time signature the part is in. This is something you would set in your DAW as you are generating the files.

Yes, the Aeros is capable of having multiple parts each with their own time signature, however we do suggest setting and saving the individual parts to be the time signature you want them to be before recording the part, you wouldn’t want the Aeros to rely solely on the BB telling it the correct time signatures live on the spot, there could be a desync.

The BeatBuddy is able to set the time signature of an empty Aeros song part. The Aeros responds when it receives either the sysex time signature command or the CC:103 alternative MIDI commands.

Read more about MIDI and the devices in the BeatBuddy and Aeros manuals, and check out this online google sheet with all supported MIDI commands

You could use the MIDI Maestro to set the Aeros time signature but it would have to be using the CC:103 command. The time signature on the BB cannot be changed live as the BB is reading a MIDI file in a specific time signature.

Thanks for the questions!

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