BB Individual Drum Kit Volume

I’d like to see the ability to set individual BB overall volume in a preset stored way.
Example Songs

  1. Hard Rock higher volume setting
  2. Country Rock medium volume setting.
  3. Hard Rock Acoustic low volume setting.
    So what id like to do is have control over the out put volume on all songs individual as a permanent setting.
    Is this possible?
    In BBM mabey?
    When I’m using my Aeros which is always.
    It’s great but.
    It’s a bit like my drummer hits at the same velocity no matter the song needs.
    Not a huge problem but its more of a fine tunning my set problem.


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If you we’re to use a midi controller, then when setting a drumkit/beat you could also set the volume.

I do.
I’m using the Midi Maestro.

I would love to see that feature too. I play live gigs with Beat Buddy all the time with custom drum tabs that I put together for about 80 songs. Some are rockers. Some are ballads and everything between. I can guess when editing drum tabs, but not sure what volumes will actually be until I hear it come out of the BB.