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I am so frustrated! After screwing things up completely, uninstalling the software, wiping my card, reloading the software and the card, several times, I still can’t get past the install process. I can get the BB software on my computer. I can get the drums and beats on my card. I can use the software as long as I’ve got the card stuck in my computer but when I take the card out, the drums and beats disappear from the software. I want the content to remain in the software even when the pedal isn’t connected to the computer so that I can work with the songs without making permanent changes to the card (which is why I first decided to wipe everything and start over, I had accidentally deleted some content).
Anyway, I decided to use the instructions for downloading the content file as if I did not have the pedal. Here is where I’m all confused. The instructions for this part are minimal and all the steps aren’t described. It says to download the file but the instructions don’t say to Run or to Save. They don’t say where to save the file. Do I extract the files or not? I actually thought I had this working earlier today but again I screwed up and now I can’t get the thing right. When I go to Import Single File Project, I go to Downloads on my computer and I see the download but it only gives me the option to open, instead of Save, as the instructions say.

Is the software not supposed to retain the content (beats, songs, drums) unless it’s attached to the pedal?
Can someone please help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?

A couple of questions -
What OS are you using?
Where on your computer is your BB workspace folder? Sounds like it may be on the SD card when it is should be located on the C drive (“my documents” if you are using windows).

I’m using Windows 7 and the BB workspace folder is under Documents.


Please don’t panic! I’ve got your problem!

  1. Forget everything you’ve ever been told. It’s actually very simple once you get it going! BBWorkspace folder’s location is pretty irrelevant.
  2. Insert your SD card to your computer.
  3. Assuming your SD card already contains the project, simply make a folder (let’s call it SDCOPY) somewhere on your computer (you may even create a folder on your desktop) and copy all the SD card content over to this newly created folder on your local drive.
  4. Remove SD card. Notice how the files you’ve copied didn’t disappear - this is pretty much the main part of it all!
  5. Open BBManager. Use Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal. Select this SDCOPY folder with copied SD card files. Select another folder to create on your local drive (let’s call it BBMGR) - this will store the local copy of SD card files that BBManager will work with (so you won’t accidentally corrupt the SD card content).
  6. Now you have two folders SDCOPY and BBMGR. Your BBManager will work only with files in the second folder, and every time you modify your project, BBMGR contents will be altered.
  • If you screw something, you can always repeat Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal from SDCOPY folder.
  • Now if you want to save your changed project, you can simply use Import - Export > Export Project to Pedal and select your real SD card as the target.
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That worked! Thank you!