BB Main pedal does not react anymore

When I power on my BeatBuddy it shows my song in the mode ‘Stopped’. Usually it starts when I press the main pedal. It worked a hundred of times in the past.
But since short time when pressing the main pedal no reaction happens. The song does not start.

It happens with every song. The software menu works fine, but the buddy does not react on the main pedal anymore.

Please advise how to proceed. My warranty period has gone out.

Given that you had problems before with special characters in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), it’s possible that if you synchronized or exported your project to your card that that might have carried over to your pedal.

Try exporting your project from the BBM to the SD card and accept the prompt to overwrite the existing project.

Use the Singular Sound power supply unit and disconnect all other cables from your pedal. Insert the card and see if the pedal main switch will start the song. If it does not and you have a remote foot switch, try plugging that in, run the Settings on the pedal for the foot switch detector. If the remote foot switches work, it could be that your main pedal switch has died. If none of the switches work, it could mean that your pedal has died.

If it is the pedal main switch, some online users have reported replacing the pedal’s main switch. Singular Sound does not carry replacement parts.