BB main pedal to MM (RESOLVED)

Is it possible to affect the BB main pedal to any MM switch ,like you can do with the 2 buttons switch ?


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Are you asking if you can pause and accent hit the BB with the MM?
The answer is yes!

No, I ask if I can assign the main pedal of the BB to a MM switch
Main pedal is start/outro/fill/transition/triple tap stop ,all on only One switch !
You can do this with the simple footswitch !

Yes! CC120 value 1 and 0, value 1 emulates the press and value 0 emulates the release :slight_smile:

I edited this! Values 2-127 are not used, will fix docs!

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Hello Brennan
Can you explain exactly how to put this in the commands, because I try a lot of option
and it’s not working?

I try this ,but sure i’m wrong or not?

Hey again,

Instead of CC120 value 127 try CC120 value 1, maybe we did not set it properly all the way to 127 or possibly an error in documentation, easier to just set it to 1 for now.

We are aware editing commands in iOS is not working correctly, sorry about that, we are working towards 2.0 which will improve everything.

Let me know if this solves this for you!

The problem is not with the cc
I have all the commands to do it
If you can me explain in following orders how to manage the commands
I mess all the time and don’t understand how to put the commands in following order
with the pres , release, toggle etc…
The main pedal of the BB on a simple footswitch can

  • Start the bb
  • make a fill in the same part
  • Make a transition and go to next part(when holding and release the switch)
  • can stay in transition when holding the switch
  • and stop the BB with a double tap
    and that with only ONE switch
    So, how to put this on the MM on one switch ?

You should reach out to so they can better assist you, they are a great resource and can be more useful than the forum in some cases.

As far as why it is not working for you, I cannot say, I see it working fine on my end, I just tried it now using CC120 value 1 for the press and CC120 value 0 for the release. This is why I think you should forward your issue to support.


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Ok thank