BB Manager 1.6.50 - Save Peoject

When creating a project and syncing to the SD card. Save Project does not appear to update the file that was made at the save as location.
Is this a known issue.

Not sure I’m following what you are reporting. Are you saying that when you edit a song in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) that after synchronizing with the SD card and trying it out on your pedal, that the edits do not show up? IF this is the case, try this, after editing your song in the BBM, click on another song to select it, then Save Project. Make sure that your SD card is not locked (check the slider on the side of the card) and put it in your computer slot reader and then synchronize.

What I am trying to say is. I make a project and use “save as” to establish the name.
This makes a file with a date and time. I then continue to work on the project adding songs and selecting save as I go along, to protect my work. When I go look at the project file it is not updated. The result being I do not know what the save function is good for.
I do understand the syncing part.

While working on this project I have run into additional issues. I will bring them up here and hope it does not cloud the question above.

The second issue I think I found is that if I have a song with a “.” in the Title, BBM will not save all the songs below that song in that folder. All the songs below that vanish. This is happened with a backup or a sync. I removed the period in the Title and the sync and backup completed as expect. Is this a known issue? Was the mentioned in the manual and I forgot?

Third issue.
I have made three new folders as the 1st three in my project.
Songs, Songs2, Songs3.
Songs has 89 songs, Songs2 has 90 songs, and Songs3 has 8 songs.
The SD card can be read in both BBM and BBL. When I put the SD in the BB, the screen shows - loading and the starting repeatedly and will not load. I think something is corrupted - any thoughts?
I am continuing to work on resolving this today, any experience you can share would be appreciated. I have not yet found answer about this in forum.

You’ll probably need help from Support, with your first issue.

It was mentioned on p. 11 of the manual and there are several posts on the forum regarding this bug.

More than likely corrupted given the second issue you reported.

Thank you for the response about the “.” in the song name. Dang I would think that this would be a relatively easy fix in the coding to catch the “.” in the song name and warn folks. I will go back and read the manual again. How many years has this been happening? No need to respond just thinking if it is such a problem that it should be, should have been fixed long ago.

Third issue. - Read in BBM and BBL but not in BB itself. So corrupted - dang. So you think it is the disk or the project file itself?

I suspect that the project file is corrupt on both your computer and your SD card.

You were correct it was both.
Since I could see all the files in both BBM and BBL I decided that I would export the folders from BBL then get the SDCard straightened out. I did have another SDCard ( a backup !!!) with most of my folders, so I only had to export the new ones I had made. I was able to then get the corrupted SDCard/Project cleared up so that the BB would read the files again. Yea. I went to import the files using BBM but found that since I exported from BBL I had to import to BBL. That was successful but the files were all out of order.
I do not know why. To correct this I made a backup project from BBL to my BBWorkspace and then opened a new project in BBM. Why you may ask. Well - I found that it was easier to rearrange each of my folders in BBM than in BBL

Here I found a comment that should go to the BBL team.
make it so that you can see the folder with the song list beneath. It was easier and quicker to organize the songs in BBM because I could see the whole list and easily drag and drop the songs where I needed.

BBL is nice and works much faster for backup and import type functions. So that is cool. But organizing files in the folder was faster in BBM - so add some of that type of folder/song visiblity in BBL.

Let me know if I need to explain more on that. Thanks for all your help and the great response. You and this forum are a solid value add to BB. Just sayin’’

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