BB Manager 1.65 CRASH...CRASH... CRASH

Running on Windows 10. It works MOST of the time… then it just starts farting all over the place and then crashes. (That’s a technical term).

The first flatulence occurs after I Export a MIDI file (let’s say an INTRO part), change the name to “My Song Name Intro” and then replace the INTRO with my newly named INTRO part. All is well so far.

Then when trying to EDIT that INTRO part, the BB Manager (1.65) doesn’t open the file correctly. There’s no “notes” in the MIDI file. I click to Quantize (as it suggests) and then… BBRRRRTTTTT. stink ahoy. It crashes.

Try again… same result.

Redo the whole export /import mess… sometimes works. Sometimes not.

Sometimes the instrument voice assignments are WAY off. Cymbals are where toms should be, as an example. (They play correctly on the BB but when in edit mode, they are not in the correct MIDI instrument assignment)

I hear you saying “well doood, use a different MIDI editor.” Cool. I’m open to FREE suggestions. Since I already BOUGHT this BB Manager, why for it not work Bugs Bunny? It’s so frustrating I could just pinch it. (Marvin the Martian).


“I splendidly beshat meself a less-than-fine MIDI” :grimacing:
Many bugs have been reported by BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) users of 1.6.5 (PC) and (Mac) and some have been partially fixed in never-officially-released beta versions of the BBM. Each “new” version squashes some bugs while introducing new—and some times more insidious—ones.

I’ll try to address your observations:

  • 1.6.5 Export to MIDI does not work; it’s a known bug.
  • Quantizing is not required when opening a song section in the MIDI Editor. I always click “no.”
  • I think your crashing problem is caused by the Export to MIDI not working.
  • The instrument note assignments seems to be a problem in even the beta versions. The workaround (at least for me) is to Cancel the MIDI Editing session and to then open the MIDI Editor again. The notes usually line up where expected that second time.
  • Presonus Studio is free; Reaper is trial ware with no expiration date. Expect a steep learning curve.

Several users believe that the BBM’s MIDI Editor does not add value to the software since it simply lacks enough features (or those that is has don’t work as expected) to make it’s use worthwhile. Using the MIDI Editor causes frustration and diarrhea. I use it simply as a last check for songs that I transcribe and then I’m only looking for those pesky Non-Supported notes. When I find them, I go back to my digital audio workstation (DAW) to correct my mistakes.

In a previous post, Anthony Sostre mentioned that one of the reasons that Singular Sound has not publicly released their latest BBM beta is because there are problems for users of the latest Windows 10 version. If you want to try that version, contact Anthony via PM.

I’m sending you a PM with a different suggestion.