BB Manager & 100MB limit

I noticed that mapping different instruments to same samples, increases the percentage of MB.
Building a drum kit, it can be useful to map, let’s say, two different Toms to the only one present in your wave samples, to keep compatibility with all BB midi files.

Why this “waste”? :slight_smile: Two instruments mapped to same wav should not make MB increase since wav is just one… or do I miss something?

Another minor request: wav files names in drum map editor and midi files names in song editor are “cut”.
Wav and midi usually have lenghty names which would be good to be able to read them entirely.

Your missing something…I mention this in my tutorial videos and it is also documented in the Beatbuddy Drumset Maker Manual.
To make the BB sound as realistic as possible some instruments have multiple samples recorded at a similar volume and there is an algorithm that chooses which sample to play. A drummer will never hit the drum exactly the same so this adds to the sense of realism. to the sound. Someone here started removing some of those samples and commented that the BB then sounded more like a normal drum machine - so it is not a waste if you want something that sounds as real as possible.

Psalm40, sorry I didn’t explain well.

I know about velocity layers and round robin multiple samples, but I’m not talking about that.

Let’s’ say you have just one wav to build your drum set, e.g. Hi-Tom-ambience-5a.wav and it’s 1MB

Then you make two instruments, Tom1 (Midi note 50) and Tom2 (Midi note 48) and for each one you choose same “Hi-Tom-ambience-5a.wav” file with velocity limits 0-127 (just one layer).

Why BBmanager says that I used 2MB (2% of available space) while wav is single and it’s just 1MB?

I hope this way I explained better… :slight_smile:

It’s seeing them as 2 different samples even though they’re not (just how the drumset maker works I guess). Can’t see why you’d want the same sound on different midi notes though anyway as you can’t tune then differently?

Because if I have good midi files and good songs, sounding good on a Standard drum set with four Tom, and I want to use them ALSO with a Jazz drum set with just two Tom, it would be easier to have two identical instruments in the Jazz drum set (each with different Midi note) and keep full midi compatibility, rather than doubling all the midi files, doubling all the songs and merging all the midi notes of two Toms into one.

I understand that it behaves like that, but I would like to understand why. :slight_smile:

You are talking about storing not the file duplicate, but a symbolic link to its original. This would indeed be a great feature to have, yet BBManager currently doesn’t support it.

Yes, that’s what I wanted to know.

Thanks. :slight_smile: