BB Manager 133 won't install

So I’ve spent quite some time now trying to install BB Manager.133 – won’t do it.
I’m on a Windows 8 machine, 64 bit.
The error message says 0x80070641.
I did look at previous messages in this forum about installation issues with version 132. Didn’t see anything that looks like it helps me.

Anyone know a fix?
Thank you.

I can offer you an unpacked official 1.33 version (both 32 and 64-bit are supported) - This is mostly what you need, but comes without an installer.

You can also try my own build (also without an installer), but you will need to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Redistributable Pack - comes in a bundle ‘vcredist.exe’, or you can download it directly from Microsoft site -
This is 64-bit only, and rocks all the Mac beta exclusive features - drag’n’drop, copy/paste! …but may contain the same bugs as well :frowning:

Okay, thank you. Sounds like the first link would be the easiest, since I don’t know what a lot of the terms in that second link even mean. But – and pardon my ignorance – what does it mean that it doesn’t have an installer? How do I install it then?


Never mind on that last question. I got it – just unpacked the rar and double clicked the exe.

Thanks for your help!


By the way, please be aware that you shouldn’t generally do what you have just done - download archives, and click .exe files in them. This is a MAJOR risk to your computer. Usually viruses, trojans and other nasty shit comes from such actions. Always evaluate the risks before launching stuff you’ve got from the internet.

While I personally have no intent to harm either you or anyone else, someone most likely does. Even if I did, I would get my ass handed to me pretty soon, as Singular Sound have all the information about me for that. Trust noone! :slight_smile:

Wow! Thanks for that warning. Twice you’ve helped me today!