BB Manager and Bluetooth headphones - Mac

Just wondering whether this problem is unique to me, or is already a known issue. I am running a Mac, on High Sierra, with a USB bluetooth dongle. I can output audio from other applications with no issues other than an occasional disconnect - iTunes, Logic Pro X, browsers, all work as expected. However, BB Manager will not send sound to the headphones. BB Manager works fine with wired headphones, running through my Saffire recording interface. But, when I selected my Bose headphones as my sound output device, I could get sound from Logic Pro X and iTunes, and then, upon changing to BB Manager, I had no sound. I tried restarting the Mac and the audio applications, and I tried moving the wireless dongle from the back to the front of my Mac Pro, but still could not get BB Manager to play through the headphones. Any insight would be appreciated. I was hoping to use the Bose headphones as they are more comfortable for long music sessions.

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Try to change the default audio output in the audio pref menu and restart BBM.
It’s Ok with my AirPods


Thank you very much. I restarted the Mac, before I made the post, and it still hadn’t worked. But, then after reading your comment this morning, I tried again, selecting the Bose headphones as the audio device, and THEN quitting and restarting BBM, and now I have BBM working in my headphones. Problem solved.

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Follow-up: The original Mac Pro models are notorious for bad Bluetooth. The antenna is buried among other components. That why I got a dongle In the first place, which is good enough for most stuff. But, for audio output my connections have always been sketchy - lots of disconnects/drops. I decided to try a more powerful audio-only antenna from Avantree. The difference is night and day. I can easily switch between apps with no drops. Movies/You-Tube are a little our of sync. But for generally audio editing, or music listening, it’s great.