BB manager and Set List Maker Folders

Is it possible to create a map from BB Manager song list to create information for SLM via midi control
Member The Big E has a thread on this he has given this as an example
F1/S1 0 0 0
F1/S2 0 0 1
Any info on the best way to set this up would be appreciated .It works, but imputing the correct information to create BB songs is a nightmare Do I create a separate folder and use that to put the songs in ?

That’s what I do. A separate folder BBmanager to put the songs in that your going to control through midi. This way if you have to move or add or delete songs that are not yet in your set list you can without messing up your midi configuration.

Thanks for that jstrausss got it sorted last night . Made a new folder and put songs in it then assigned folder info to SLM . I was looking too deep into it didnt know it was so easy . Still learning with BB manager find it fun and frustrating at times

no problem. These device always get frustrating at one point or another. Some times we have to step back take a moment and re think with a fresh head.

A solution to this issue is on “My List”. What I want to do is at least be able to specify addresses for folders and songs. Right now if you program it, and then move the song, the program is useless. It should be user definable.