BB Manager bug - no copy song, just move

When trying to copy a song from one folder to another with “shift-click”, BBM displays the tiny plus sign as if it is going to create a copy of the song in the new location, but it moves it instead.

This is a known issue that has become a requirement for the next version. Have no idea when the next beta version will be available. There are some workarounds that users have posted to this forum. You can use search to find them.

Are you sure that it is “Shift Click” or should you be using “Control, Left Click and Hold” then drag it to where you want it. I just tried
it that way and it works. Hope this helps.
Sincerely, Stan House, Fingerstylepicker.

t still does not work to copy a song to another folder!
How can I manage this.

I play the same song in two different bands (folders) but do not manage to copy that song.

Greetings Harry

You need to export then import the song to create a copy in BBM

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As ghostofweedon indicates, once you have the song exported, you can import it to the 2nd folder.

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