BB Manager can't find project on pedal (even though they are there)


I am using Windows 7, I’m using the Beat Buddy Manager on my studio computer with lots of memory and hard drive and which has never been connected to the Internet and consequently as solid a machine as you can get so I don’t think there are any computer issues. I also have the latest BB Manager and the latest firmware up date but no change in my problem below.

BB Manager
tells me "no projects found" on the pedal. The Microsoft File Explorer shows 4 directories on the pedal. The Beat Buddy Manager also shows the same 4 directories on the pedal. But the Beat Buddy Manager seems to be looking for a .bbz file or a folder with a project file. The Beat Buddy Manager cannot find a “project” file in any of the folders and I don’t see any .bbz files either but the Pedal seems to have no problem playing all the songs.

Pedal works great but I can’t edit or add anything.

Anyone else had this problem? What am I missing?



I found the answer on Psalm40’s video. Thanks. Boy that was not very clear in the MM Manager.



This is also mentioned in the main BB manager installation instructions.