BB Manager cant see my SD Card

When I go File open Project BB Manager can’t see my SD Card. But it is visible on the desktop.

I have tried reloading the software and rebooting but it is still not working

This may just be terminology however why is your SD on you desktop and did it get there? Try opening the project from the SD card in a card reader. If you have downloaded the SD card backup because you don’t have the Beatbuddy yet then it will be compressed in a zip file, you will need extract the files before the manager software can see them.

Yes it is terminology. I meant that I have inserted the SD Card into the Mac and it appears on the desktop. I can open it with the Mac and see the files. However when i try to access it through BB manager it is not visible to it. When I search through the files it is not seeing the SD Card. I downloaded and unzipped the Backup and it can see that. However it will not export the backup to the SD Card because it cant find it?

hope this is clearer

Can you provide a screen shot as this making no sense. Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac and don’t know how they work.

This might help. Your SD card appears from within the BeatBuddy Manager under Devices (see screenshot).

Yes appears as NO NAME, but you can rename it!

From your BeatBuddy Manager, do this: File > Open Project - and from the side menu of your finder window that pops up, choose the ‘NO NAME’ option under devices.

Does this work? If not, what happens?

Yes it works. thank guys, I’m rockin’