BB Manager difficulties

Bought the BB a week ago,watched all the videos I could find. Heres the series of events- downloaded beat buddy manager, followed instructions, all SD content appeared on left column, downloaded songs from the website, they all appeared on the left column with the original SD content. Then the trouble began. When I finally figured out how to get songs to the card by making a project (I guess), only the project appeared on the card in the Beat Buddy and no sound! Now the original stuff that was in that left column has vanished along with all the downloaded songs. You mean to tell me that a project wipes the card clean of any original content? The BB manager is the most difficult app to figure out. I have a Mac maybe it not compatible?

Welcome, Doug. Sorry you’re having problems. The BeatBuddy system is Mac-compatible. Which version of the OS are you using? We’ll get you up and running shortly. Check your forum Inbox.

Thanks, OS X 10.10.5

Thanks, Doug. Please check your forum Inbox and reply via Conversation.

I am having same problem with OS 10.11.5. Could you please send fix. thanks!