BB Manager Directory query

Hi. I’m new to BB and still awaiting deliver of my pedal this week.

I tried loading a drum kit from the forum and couldn’t load it in BB Manager.
filename: Cajon3.DRM

I’ve loaded it in two different folders called “drum_sets”, but still can load it in BB Manager.
(Have a look at the screen shot.)

Thanks for any advice on how to load the Cajon3.drm drumset please!


Go to Import - Export and select Import Drumset - that is how it works in the Windows version, not sure why you are taking a screenshot of your directory as you need to do this through the BB manager.

Before doing what Psalm40 wrote, delete the file you’ve added to the drum_sets folder in order to avoid possible problems.

Good point.

thanks guys.
i tried importing as Psalms suggested originally, but saw no files in the Import dialogue box.
will try again.


Maybe you should have navigated to the folder you have originally saved the DRM file in question first?

Thanks guys. Mission accomplished. Deleted everything and started again - while at work no less!
Don’t tell the boss that I brought my laptop in and am setting up fun stuff!