BB Manager Distortion on Mac OS 12.4 on Mac Studio Ultra

I have been using the BB Manager on a Mac Studio Ultra and it has worked fine until today but now distorts on playback. Tried numerous attempts at adjusting buffering, reinstalling BB Mgr, restarting my system and interfaces several times with no change. Odd it was working fine so I’m baffled. Meanwhile all other audio apps, including Pro Tools, iTunes and playback from the finder all work as they should. The Ultra is super fast, so I’m wondering why the buffering is even an issue, but have tried a dozen different buffer settings from 50ms to 500ms

Not quite sure this has anything to do with buffering.

Are you using the notarized version of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)? If not give it a try and let us know how you fare.

Also check your sound preferences settings.

If still having issues, please contact

Thanks for the reply; first thing I did was replace BBM with the notarized version and no change; still distorts. I’ve also imported other projects still distortion. An my sound prefs whether listening through internal Mac speakers or on my DAW interface all is distorted. And yes, I have emailed support; not sure how long it will take to get a response.

Is this happening with the default content or with the user-created content and if with the latter, are you using the drum set that the song was made with? Is it the musical instruments other than the drums?

Also, does it distort thru headphones?

What about when playing on the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal?

Both default and user created content distort. I have also imported a backup project file same issue. Some songs use other drumsets but whether it’s custom or original files they all distort. Headphones don’t make any difference since the output is the same to studio monitors or HPhones.

My pedal works fine; I play 3x a week; that said I have not updated the card since last week when everything sounded good on the computer. I usually edit, rehearse with the BBM and then replace files on my SD card to reflect any new songs or changes.

Only other things I can think of are to restart your Mac in Safe mode and see if it makes a difference. I don’t know if the Ultra will allow you to reset the NVRAAM but if it does, that might also be worth a try.

I appreciate your ideas, as a longtime Mac and Pro Tools user I’ve already done all those things since they are standard fare when trying to isolate issues. The BBM was working fine on the Ultra prior to yesterday and I haven’t added any new files or changes to my system setup. Maybe it doesn’t like the latest Mac OS although it’s been working fine with that and it wasn’t updated recently either.

btw, there is no NVRAAM reset on a Silicon Mac but it can be accessed by terminal control.

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If you haven’t already done so you can try either para 2 or 3 from How to Fix Sound Not Working on a Mac - Make Tech Easier

A couple of years ago the volume from my Mac Mini went really low. The last thing I checked was the sound preferences and found that the audio output had changed and it was no longer going thru my Studio monitor. Don’t know how that happened as i don’t usually mess with my preferences but it did.

All audio apps and output work except BBM. I currently in a session in Pro Tools and it’s sounds just like it should. Also can play Apple Music, files from finder and so forth with no distortion. This is an issue with BBM seems to me.

I did do a Core Audio reset but no change.

Please let us know what it takes to get it sorted out after Support contacts you.

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