BB Manager: Drumset duplicate feature missing / Drag and drop missing / menu questions do not make sense / Mac sync does not work


considering that there are many midi editors out there that do not cohere to BBs midi structure you have 2 options: Either you dispair, editing every single midi file or create a new drumset midi-set

And this would be all so ease could you just take a drumset, duplicate and re-name it and change the channels that do not co-relate.

Unfortunately this is cumbersom unless you want to entirely re-create a new drumset from scratch and add samples for hours.

So why is there no “duplicate and rename drumset” option?
You easily could re-patch i.e. a standard drumset to a copy of the same drumset called i.e. LP(logicPro)-Standard. Not loosing the great sound of it and not having to edit each single midi file you work on in logic.

Do you have a workaround? When will this be a feature?

Also: What is the point of warning about things (i.e. missing main loops) and asking if you want to revert if the interface does not allow a “no” or “ignore” feature? Why would I want to be forced to have a main loop although I might just build a song structure and program my midi to i.e. work with onsong?
very complicated is also the missing drag/drop feature on mac and no support to standard functionality like i.e. the enter key for renaming… not very Mac-friendly. A lot of musicians are mac people. Why so reluctant to exelence?

I truely love your hardware and the system could be great but the BB manager is awful.(at least on Mac)
What is your plan on a proper software?

Thanks ahead and kind regards

And the choir says, “Amen.”

Still waiting for drag and drop function for Mac Drumset Creation