BB Manager eats songs :-(


Hi there,

every now and then (2 times in this young day) Windows 7 tells me that BB Manager does not respond. After aborting and reopening it, most of my own songs are gone, effing up hours of work.

This is really frustrating. :expressionless:


While I agree with you this is annoying as shit. I’ve been encountering this very problem from like year 2002. No matter what program I used - Borland C++ 5.5, Microsoft Visual Studio 6, and countless countless other programs…

After I got used to press Ctrl+S key combination like at least twice per minute, I was never losing any more than only half a minute work due to these “unresponsive” problems! Hope this habit helps you as well :slight_smile:


I save all the time, too. However, I believe that at least the loss of songs was due to a comma that had slipped into a title. It would really help if commas (and umlauts) were allowed in song names. It’s 2014, not 1984.

Now after every completed song I save my songs folder as a file, just to be safe.

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The issue with commas is pretty obvious (to me). If you open CONFIG.CSV file with any text editor, you will see that commas are used to separate song file name ABCDEF01.BBS from it’s actual title for BeatBuddy to show. The firmware code may have “difficulties” with parsing any other commas there :slight_smile:
The issue with umlauts is just the question of the supported character set. I believe the firmware uses ANSI charset encoding by default. As soon as it gets moved to using Unicode, we’ll be able to use umlauts, pesky cyrillic symbols and those nice hieroglyph strings like “(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻” in song names. I’ll see what could be done for this question.

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Really? It’s ok for this software to lock up and lose data consistently just because you’ve had other programs that also acted that way? Lame. It’s not acceptable and I hope they’re addressing this in the long overdue software update.


Hear, hear!


OK, now I’m really fed up with this!

After saving everything (including exporting my own two song folders) I just closed the Manager and upon reopening it, half my files were gone.
When I try to import those saved folders, they look exactly the same as their counterparts in the Manager – half the songs missing.

I’m getting really pissed right now…


Welcome to Windows, sir! Thank God it isn’t Mac. Nevertheless, the issue described here will be looked into though.

Can you please upload your saved folder to anywhere and provide a link so I could take a look? What you describe isn’t normal at all.


I have only had this once and nothing was lost because every change I make gets tested with the virtual pedal and then it requires that the changes are saved. The software sometimes goes grey and unresponsive, however after a couple of seconds it rights itself.
What you are describing sounds very strange!



I haven’t had this happen to me anymore since I went through all my homemade MIDI files and replaced all commas, umlauts and “ß” in their titles, too.

Please make the software Unicode-aware! It’s the 21st century. I can live without using commas but why not use a semicolon as divider within the song files?


Yeah, if BBManager used semicolon (or any symbol that is not allowed to be in the file name) for that, it would be better. I’ll try to pass this as well.