BB Manager Footswitch

I love the BB pedal for performances. I love the BB Manager for testing/practice.

This leads to my question: Does anyone know how to integrate a footswitch control into the software pedal on BB Manager? I want to keep my practice setup simple as it is now.

What are the steps and what kind of device do I use for the footswitch?

Thanks in advance!


I thought the instructions for that were in the manual. Couple of button presses.

Hi there,

Not sure I understand what you’re requesting, what exactly do you want the footswitch to do? Control the playback on the BBM like it does on the BB? Could you explain a little more for me please?


What I want – and I think @dynamite238 wants – is footpedal control over the BBM that works the same as footpedal control over the BB itself. But, given the virtual buttons don’t both actually work, I’m not optimistic that it already exists, as @tERRY_mARTIN suggests.

As a minimum – the footpedal control should be tied to a bluetooth or USB pedal and should hands-free advance the song to the next section. Next on the wish list would be a hands-free ability start and stop the song.

This would allow a person to play along with the drum beat and advance the part as we can do with the BB pedal. I would not use this in performance, only practice or as a songwriting aid.

They want foot pedal control or the BB Manager application in the computer. This would probably entail writing midi commands into the BB Manager application so it could be controlled with something other than a mouse click.

Yes, that, and we’d like both virtual buttons to work in the future.