BB Manager for Ipad

Hello fellow Beatbuddies!

I’m sure someone has covered it already but nevertheless…can anyone help with downloading the BB Manager onto an iPad? I have ‘saved to pages’ which in turn directs me to a file that does nothing. It is unresponsive, cant be clicked on. Any help appreciated. Thanks from Chris.

The BBM was not written for iOS. It will work in Windows or Mac.

Thank you for your response. It may sound silly but i thought that ipads were Mac?

No. iPads are made by Apple, but they have a different operating system from Macs. Mac OSX runs Macs, iOS runs iPads.

Sweet thank you.

Nope iPads are just like iPhone devices, not desktop devices.

Will there be a BBM for iOS in the future? Would be great to be able to at least listen for practice purposes when out and about.

It would be nice but I’m not sure Singular Sound has the capacity to work on an iOS version of the BBM.

Does capacity mean money or knowledge or both?
Why don’t they hire some one to update the existing BB manager and then think about moving to IOS?

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Haha… there are a lot of questions that we ask that start just like that… “Why don’t they…?”

Hi! Resurrecting an old thread here, but is this still the case? I took a hiatus from music for a year but am back now & dusting off my trusty BB. I had been using the BB mgr with my MacBook—which was already ancient even then—but now I’m using an iPad. I was hoping to install the BB mgr on the iPad, but so far no luck… Am I going to need a desktop or another laptop to use it?
Thank you!

Yes, you’ll still need a lap- or desktop.

Well, rabbits. Thanks for the speedy reply, Persist!