BB Manager - Idea, maybe new?

So I’m one of the victims of BB bricking, dead, no return. Did all the SD card stuff, power supply stuff etc, no success. But as I was trying to come up with a way to MIDI control from my Keyboard…while I was hoping for a fix. I had a light bulb moment.

I can control the BB Manager right off my touch screen tablet, clicking (touching) the pedal, the same way as if it was on the BB on the floor and Able to Play the beats etc, from my tablet. So, my question…Can I control the BB Manager by MIDI message from my Roland keyboard.

If yes, then I don’t need the brick, just a descent tablet with my BB manager playing through the system.


Nope won’t work. Regarding the brick, does it show any light or is it totally dead. In that case you might want to have a technician replace the BD9328EFJ, this is the voltage regulator chip on the I/O board. Replacing this item might bring your brick to life again.

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Open the pedal and do the sniff test. If you don’t smell any burned electrical stuff, your pedal might be revivable.

Give Support, the chance to help your resurrect the pedal and let us know how it turns out (to include what renevmind has suggested).