BB Manager issues!

Maybe …I just dont “get it”.
Installed updated version of manager. Check. Went to BB workspace folder to Insert content that i had previously deleted. Okay.
I can “see” there is something in the folders…Until I open them up…Nothing. Nada. Zip…
I really dont understand where it could be.
I “see” it before i click on it…when i click on it, the folder to open it up…there is NOTHING there.
Someone…Please tell me what im doing wrong , and how to fix it.
Thank you

typically the process that I have found is this:

I have stuff on my sd card.

install BB manager software. Import my stuff from the sd card. say “yes” when it asks if you want to make the link to that place.

Then, all the stuff you do in BB manager – importing/creating songs, etc. you just sync back to the sd card. There are two completely separate places. the project, and the card, and they sync together. however, the “workspace” is something even different! I think of the “workspace” as a collection of projects. I’m not sure if that’s the official story, but that’s how i’ve managed. If you are paranoid, and yes you should be, make multiple copies of everything until you figure out how it all works!

Thanks for the response! But …of course , im still soooooo confused :frowning:

I hate to ask but have you looked at the official tutorial videos Goran has produced? Read the software manual? Links are in my signature I have removed mine as his demonstrate the new version. If you haven’t, then follow the procedure to the letter.

If you navigate to your project folders from within the BeatBuddy Manager (via File > Open Project then BBWorkspace/user_lib/projects), rather than from your desktop, do you see the content that has disappeared? Or is it also gone from there too?

user lib projects are there…but that is the ONLY folder that contains anything