BB manager Manual

Just bought BB and tried the manager, but that seems to be rather complicated. WHERE can I find the BB Manager manual? eg not the BB manual , but MANAGER manual in pdf.

I don’t believe there is a PDF for the current 1.65 version of the manager or any older version. When I looked a while back for a PDF I found a tutorial in the old forum for v1.5.0. I did a copy and paste of that tutorial to make a Word doc from it. I don’t know what the differences are in the versions.

Other wise there are videos for v1.64 (old forum)

Most information you may need is scattered about on the old forum and this one and using search you can sometimes find what you want. If you can’t find what you need ask a question on this forum and usually someone can help out.

@MarkF48 The link for version 1.5.0 tutorial is for an outdated version of the BBManager.

@BBFORUM We have just completed the user guide in PDF form:

Thank you!!! :+1:

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