BB Manager not playing MIDI files correctly

I don’t know how exactly to describe the problems but I am running into several today as I am attempting to edit some MIDI files. BB Manager is not playing them back properly.

On one I have a count-in over the first 4 bars but the BB Manager (haven’t tried in the pedal yet) cycles through 4 silent bars before it plays the first notes. At first it seemed BB Manager was choking on silent beats as all the troubles have been with files that the Midi picks up somewhere after the 1at beat. But I edited to add hi-hat hits on the first beats and still had the problem.

On another file the BB Manager is tripping up right from the start and not playing all of the count-in beats and getting out of whack. On another file, it was doing something similar and skipping some intro beats and picking up playing the 2nd beat of a measure first so the whole thing was screwed up.

This is all with Beat 1.63 but I rolled back to 1.62 and have the same problem with two of these files. As I mentioned, have not tried these songs out in the pedal yet. It’s worth noting these files both look and sound as expected in two different MIDI editors but have the above problems when loaded into the BB Manager

Can you attach the MIDI files please?

Here are two of the ones I am having trouble with. This is my first foray into editing MIDI so this is quite possibly (probably?) user error. As mentioned though, these look and act as expected in two different MIDI editors but have the odd playback problems in the BB Manager (and now confirmed, same in the pedal). The first one (867…) omits some of the first beats, the second one has the 4 bars of silence before finally picking up and playing from the beginning

I’ve have had issue with the midi editor where it would not load the correct drum mapping when entering into the midi screen but when you exit it is the correct drum set selected. This dosnt always happen. If I go in and out a few times it gets it

Thanks, JN99 and jstrausss. Shared with developers.

One other file I am having a problem with that I am including with this post. This is different to the problems above. With this file, short notes (I think it’s on the hi-hat) don’t play back correctly with the BB. Again comparing to playback with an editor where everything sounds fine but with the BB some of the notes seem to be cut off or cut short so they don’t sound like a hi-hat but instead end up sounding like some sort of odd digital noise.

I’m not complaining here, just new to the BB and midi editing and trying to understand what’s causing these issues. I am definitely digging my BB!

Have you tried using that file in other songs and seeing if the issue follows?

Just to determine if its the file or something else

EDIT - I just tried it and it sounds ok to me In fact that beat is great what song is this for. I really love the flow of it.

jstrausss - I’m assuming you’re talking about the smaller file titled chorus section? I have tried all of these files in different songs and even a different version of the BB mgr. In that one the hi-hat just sounds abruptly choked, at least when played back in the mgr and listening through headphones. It’s quite obvious and quite different to how it sounds played back in my midi editor, where that doesn’t happen.

As for what song, it’s my attempt to start parsing the above large OP file into sections. It’s from a drum track for 867-5309 Jenny that I extracted from a GP file.

yes im talking about the chorus section file . I listened to it again and it sounds fine to me so im not sure what the issue is that your experiencing.

Has anyone from support had a chance to look at these files? It’s just very odd on my end. If I play the full song file for Jenny, the chorus section plays back fine in the BB Mgr. However the chorus section cut from that file to create the chorus only file plays back with the odd sound issues on the hi-hat. I am thoroughly baffled as to how that’s possible or why/how it’s happening. And jstrauss reporting playback of the chorus file is fine for him only further confounds me… :confused:

They’re aware of it but beyond that, I’m not sure what they are doing about it.

Thanks, don’t mean to be a pest! I discovered something else in further experimenting with some of these files but it’s not gotten me any closer to understanding what’s going on.

The midi files I posted are, as I mentioned extracted from GuitarPro files. I edited them and played them with a freeware editor called MidiEditor and all was well. Import to BB and I encounter the issues. With the file for 867-Jenny, I opened and saved it (without making any changes) with the BeatBuilder utility posted here on the forum. BeatBuilder adjusted all the note durations and the result is a file that plays back fine in the BB. Is there a limit with note durations for MIDI in the BB that must be adhered to? I have other files that I have not done this with that playback fine hence I’m still very confused…

Updating as I go to try to provide as much info as I can and hopefully figure this out. With version 1.6.4 of the manager and the midi editor, I can now see these files in BB Mgr and the visual representation confirms the issue. With the first file I posted above I have several versions. The first version is one I have had playback issues with so I cut and used the first 12 bars of that for this comparison. The BB does not play it back correctly, skipping notes, and playing wrong beats/notes etc. That can be seen now in the BB Mgr editor; the notes just aren’t there but they are as can be seen if opened with another editor, like MidiEditor that I am using.

The screen snips attached show the first 6 bars as seen in MidiEditor (C2=36) vs. what happens with this file when imported to BB - I can only show the first 1 1/2 bars from the BB Mgr with a screen snip but it is clear from that to see BB omitting 5 of the count-in beats as well as some other beats. For example, after the count in the next beats are a kick followed by a snare+crash. BB doesn’t have the first kick or crash at all. I’m stumped.

the file had a bunch of stuff other than just notes. it had several tempo changes and some other stuff. Apparently our midi parser couldn’t handle it all, but when I cleaned it up, it seems to be fine.

Thanks much for the help and taking time to look and and edit the file. This should help greatly now with the files I’m working on. Much appreciated aashideacon!