Bb manager not working with m1 Mac mini

Hey there
The BB manager is not working with the m1 Mac mini
Is there something I can do to get it going?
Thanks for you help

Could you be a little more descriptive, please? I take it you’re using Big Sur.

What are the symptoms you are observing?

Are there any alerts or dialog boxes that appear when you try to launch the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)?

The ARM processor may be the cause of the problem but I’m thinking that if the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) worked under Big Sur on an Intel-based Mac, it should work on your M1. You can search the forum for Big Sur to see if that will help. Take a look at my post 13/21 BB Manager compatibility with Big Sur

It could be that the BBM will not run natively on the M1 or under the Rosetta v2 emulator. Here’s a list you can check for software and apps compatibility

Let us know if you can get it working or not. If not, it’s something that the developers will have to fix in the “one of these days” release of the new and improved BBM.

Hi Guys,
I am new to macOS.Never installed BB on a Mac.
The screenshot shows how far I get. Trying to install BB.
A new Mac with Big Sur.

Any ideas on a work around?

Not a big problem in that Ihave BB on Windows too. But would like to have all in the one place.
Thank you.

  • The left screen is a part of the install process and is normal.
  • On the right screen, click on Show in Finder and it should take you to the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) app in the Finder.
  • Select the app and if you have a trackpad, click-hold (with two fingers) or press control-click on your keyboard and a contextual menu should appear.
  • Select Open and it should open.
  • Hope this works as this is how I get around the lack of an Apple-approved developer certificate in Mojave and Catalina.

Please let the forum know if you get it working.

If it doesn’t open, I’m on shaky ground here as I don’t have an M1 or Big Sur so this may or not work: you’ll have to change the Gatekeeper settings (similar but may not be the same as from my Mojave screen shot).

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Hi Persist,
The ground you are on is definitely solid.
Worked fine with no issues with sound or anything else.
Got my content in etc.

Thank you for your help.


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