BB Manager project will not copy to SD card. Card is only half full

Wrote some new tracks today.BB Manager project will not copy to SD card. I have used “Export Project to SD Card” as I did very other time including yesterday. Today the project with extra material will not replace the old. Card is only half full.

Make sure your SD card is not locked by checking the slide on the side of the card.

After using the BBM to export to the SD card for the first time, use Synchronize to SD card on subsequent “copying” to the SD card.

Thanks for that advice. As you can imagine I was well aware of the “Lock” setting on the SD and all completely successful storing to SD events since I started using the BBM and the BBuddy. One thing I did forget until now was yesterday whilst programming a fill for my last entry when I hit “Apply” the BeatBuddy Manager just “Quit” and closed completely out of the blue. When I rebooted the app it re-opened exactly where I was prior to the quit. I thought nothing of it and continued working on the track, but, whilst checking all settings this morning I noticed the “Destination” for the save had changed by itself. I have reset and am now am able to save to SD without a problem. If BBM quits during programming recheck your settings.

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