BB Manager Question - Song option is ghosted out for import

I was building my set list and for no apparent reason, that I’m aware of, suddenly the import —> song option was ghosted out. I had already exported the files I wanted to the songs folder, selected the set list folder, selected file, import, and song was not available to me. I even tried the ALT + INS and that didn’t work.

Can anyone help me out/

I think I figured it out. I decided to import a folder which opened up the dialogue box and I switched it to a song and it said that I had reached the 99 song max for the folder so I’m going back to see if I can create a second folder and continue working. If anyone can confirm this for me, it would still be greatly appreciated as this is my first post. Thanks in advance!

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There is a maximum of 99 songs per folder. Once you reach the maximum, the ability to import or add another song is grayed out. This is normal. I have not tried this with the new 3.9.0 firmware which increases the number of available FOLDERS. However, I did not see anything indicating that the number of SONGS per folder was increased.

Thanks Phil_Flood! I haven’t downloaded the update as of yet. Not sure of how to do it as my BB came with 3.8 so I didn’t have to do any updates. I can get the files to download, just not sure where to put them. I am doing all of my work with the SD card in my computer and not hooking up the BB itself. Any help you could lend me on this matter?

Stick with the 3.8 for now. A bug has been found in the 3.9.

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Thanks for the heads up!