BB manager re-Install

I had to reset my Windows 10 laptop but kept all my data and I managed to keep all my beatbuddy song files, but it removed all my programs, so how will it work when I install the Manager again will it find all my .sng files as they are in the same place or will it set up new empty library’s and wipe my songs ,I also have the files on my SD card .
Please advise.

It should work just fine – although you might have to reset the directories in which the software looks for your content and you WILL have to re-import your current project.


Hi Joel.
So is it correct that I put in my SD card into laptop and then select file\open project\ and then the drive letter of the SD card.
Thanks for your help .

That is correct.

Accept the prompts to store project on your computer as well as future synchronization.

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Thanks persist.

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