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I wonder if anyone else has also encountered this issue and found a workaround for it:
I have saved a project using the “Save Project As” option (as opposed to “Save Project”) which prompts a project name to be created under which the project is then saved. If I have made an error, and I want to rename the project folder it seems that it can’t be done. I.e. The project file cannot be selected WITHIN BB Manager (using an explorer window such as the one that opens when “Save Project As” is selected), and the project files are not visible when browsing with Microsoft Explorer.

What I would like to do is remove any obsolete project folders to maintain some order, and rename them if needed.

Some general rules:

  • BBM manages it’s own file and folder structure so you should generally/usually/almost always use the BBM to manage songs (files) and folders. With this said, you should not use Windows Explorer to perform housekeeping functions that should be done by the BBM.
  • you can rename a Project by using the BBM File > Save Project As and the BBM should allow you to do so
  • keep in mind, that if you have the Project open in BBM, you should only be able to save or save as; if you try to rename it with the computer operating system while it’s open in BBM, you should not be able to do so
  • you can use the BBM to open another project and rename it using BBM
  • to find out which project is open, or go to the bbworkspace, hover over the Project Explorer - yourprojectname.bbp (located beneath the Virtual Machine); if you click on the project name, it will take you to where your file is stored; see screen shots
    There’s one exception to the “do everything in BBM” rule.
  • If you want to perform housekeeping by getting rid of outdated Projects;
  • take note of which project you are currently using;
  • close BBM;
  • use Windows to delete (or to move those projects to a folder and store it outside the bbworkspace) the projects you no longer need—be careful not to delete the project currently used by the BBM;
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Hello Persist,

Thank you for your response. Having read the manual, I pretty much know what I am doing, which is consistent with your instructions provided.

The problem I have described is the following: BB Manager (Version 1.6.6) does not see a project on my PC. I have reinstalled BB Manager to see if that would help but I am afraid it has not helped. The BB Workspace folder on my laptop PC (Lenovo T550) is located in the my documents folder and when I try to “create a project” on first use of the reinstalled BB Manager (i.e. use BB Manager to access the folder location in order to open the project), BB manager does not see it. I have managed to open said project by accessing a backup which is located on an external hard drive however.

Unfortunately, having now attempted to update all the Drum Sets, I could not find a PBF file as described in the tutorial…Soi what I did is pasted the DRM files into the DRUMSETS folder of the BB WORKSPACE and imported each file individually. Having done that, I have attempted to save the project to the usual folder location and I receive the following message: “Unable to open the project file for saving” If I instead “Save Project As…” (and give it a new name) then that seems to save the project but I cannot play any of the songs with BB Manager now. I.e. I get the following message:

Only thing I can think to ask is, did you use the BBM Tools > Set Workspace Location?

Is BBWorkspace your workspace location or is it BBWorkspace backup?

Thank you - that has helped. Upon setting the BB Workspace location the updated drum sets appeared immediately.

I still have the following issue that you might be able to clarify: When I attempt to save a project using the “Save Project As:” option, the currently open project which I am trying to save is faded out, indicating that it is not accessible. See image below:

It seems the system is designed so that a project cannot be overwritten in this way, which is what I have repeatedly tried to do, and been issued with the following message:

If my interpretation of the functionality is correct, all is well as I will simply use the “Save Project” option to overwrite/update any project folders as required. Can you please confirm?
What is still a concern for me though is that the “date modified” data seems not to be updating when I overwrite a file via the “Save Project” option. In the first image seen above, I had subsequently saved the project and the date/time displayed is prior to that point. I hope it is clear to you what I am trying to explain. Basically it looks like the latest modified date is not being recognized by BB Manager and that is a problem for me where I depend on the date/time to check that I have saved my latest work on a project.

Thank you,


Glad you’re getting it sorted out. To answer your questions:

  • Correct, use Save Project to save what you’re currently working on and the BBM will update files and folders.
  • On your “date modified” concern, I’m not sure that it isn’t an operating system issue, e.g., I checked my project for the date-time (see screen shot);
    I then edited a song in BBM and did a Save Project and it displays the updated date-time (see screen shot)

OK, I will assume it is an operating system issue then - thank you.
One last question please: Should project folders be visible when navigating within the BB Workspace using Microsoft Explorer?
I am not able to see any project folders with MS excel, but I can see them with BB Manager.
Many Thanks,

You should be able to see them both within either the BBM or from Windows Explorer. This is an OS level view of my project folder.

OK, it is encouraging to know that the issue is not with BB Manager at least. It may be that the issue of the project folders not being visible in Windows Explorer will be resolved by reinstalling my operating system. I will update this thread if I get around to that at a later time. Just for your information, I am using WIN 10. That may be useful information should you receive any queries/complaints from others who are also using WIN10.
Thanks a lot for your help!

You’re welcome. Wow. Hope you don’t have to reinstall Win 10.