BB Manager: Songs Gone Missing!? Project Not Saving?

Hello Beat Buddies!

I hope someone can help me with this.

I’ve been creating new songs and saving them within song folders. All was going well until I found that in a recently created folder, half the songs were missing. (Note: I am pretty sure I saved the project after creating each song).

I had subsequently sync’ed the project to my BB’s SD card and so I tried to recover them from there, I think I lost them on the card when inserting them into my PC’s SD card slot, through the project on the card being syncronized with that in BB Manager.

So I attempted to import some of the missing songs (fortunately I had exported half of them), into the folder where the songs went missing, and save the project. If I then reopen the newly saved version of the project, the imported songs remained missing. In a last ditch effort to resolve this issue, I reinstalled BB Manager (v. 1.6.5) but that has not helped. The issue persists.

I am noticing two anomalies to BB Manager’s normal functionality (which is perhaps associated) as follows:

  • When I import some songs, the song name does not appear in BB Manager, but rather the hex string. Why is that?
  • BB Manager does not seem to be prompting to save the project as it previously did. I.e. The green font and note “unsaved” does not appear. I’m clueless!?

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Your Beat Buddy :slight_smile:

If you can provide me one or two of the songs that does not import, I will try testing it to see what’s going on. This used to happen to me when I used special characters in the song’s name.

Also, read Post #7 from Phil Flood

Hi Persist,

Thank you for your prompt response.

Since my first post I have found that the use of special characters in the song name is probably the culprit. In my case I used parentheses. I.e. “Song name (no solo)”. The song name did not contain any special characters at first. When I later added parentheses, the song itself vanished from my project, along with every song in the same folder that came after it!

Cost me half a day’s work that one!

Thanks again,

Your Beat Buddy :slight_smile:

Glad you sorted it out and shared the solution.

I’m hoping that the new version will allow us to use special characters (or at least will warn us not to do so).

I just went through this exact issue. When I re-loaded the missing songs, I also got the hex format of the song name instead of what it was called. I figure that the culprit was a period in the song title. I recreated the entire song and saved it without the period and it seems to stick around now. It’s very strange though because I have a lot of other songs with periods in the file name and none of them are causing any issues. I mentioned this in my other post… but this strikes me as “poor programming” issues.

Yes, this is very annoying.
If the programmers of BB Manager cannot bring their skills to solve this very trivial problem, at least they should have inserted a notice or something in the Manager warning us not to use special characters in the names.
Like, before so many of us wasted hours and hours of work creating those songs. Just not acceptable!

The Singular Sound user guide warns against using special characters.

It would be great if they could resolve the issue with the BBM code so there wouldn’t be a need for an alert when using special characters In song, folder, drum set or project names.

Agreed. Warning in programs sometimes get annoying, but this is a place where a warning would be very helpful.