BB Manager sort by file name !

Working with building your own drum kits it would be nice if it was possible to sort files by their names rather than like it is now by velocity.

It would save A LOT of time.

The sorting by velocity is done as a part of a strict workflow process. You can “fix” any discrepancies you may have found while sorting by following this as well. You can name all the files such that their name corresponds to the velocity they are set at.

You can check out how the original content drumset files are named to get the idea.

I have been working on a kit now for a loooong time and it would have saved me a lot of time if it was possible to sort the files by file name.

I usually name the files 01.wav 02.wav etc etc and the way BB Manager works now I have to drag them on to BBM and then adjust the velocity levels.

I would also have liked 200Mb-250Mb per set also because 100Mb is way to small for a full blown AD kit with all the versions of Snares and what have you.

I had to remove a lot of samples to be able to include all the instruments.
There is no way that you could have a full kit with 15 samples on every kit piece.
Instead of having so many different kits it would have made more sense with half of the ones we have and more samples per set.

Yes, I totally understand all your issues, and I should confirm they are pretty serious ones from the sound quality perspective.
All these are valid feature requests to be implemented in the firmware.

I knew you’d agree :smiley:

I hope they are working on updates of the BB Manager as well !