BB Manager, start anywhere into song and other ideas

Hi there,

As a fresh user who needs to create his own songs from scratch, I have a few suggestions for BB manager :

1 - It would be great that we could start anywhere in the song for testing purpose (for the moment, if I want to listen part 5 of my song, I have to start from the intro and listen even briefly to part 1, 2, 3, 4). We should be able to select a part, and start PLAY here. Maybe add a PLAY button on every part, at the left of the Main Drum Loop ?

2 - It would great to be able to launch PLAY with SPACE bar at any moment (and not only while hovering the pedal with the mouse). And maybe “play from anywhere” with the shift-SPACE key when a part is highlighted ?

3 - in the main view, it would be nice to have a “loop” toggle that would allow any track to play in loop when its little “play” icon is pressed.

4 - in the midi editor, a “loop” toggle would also be nice, that would allow to play the current edited track in loop to listen to the looping result, while editing.

5 - when making drag’n’drop in a same song, for the moment, the copied part is linked to the original part (same BBT file) ; it would be nice to have the opportunity to create a copy that breaks the link and automatically create a new BBT file (eliminating the need to export/import a midifile). The Ctrl-Alt-Drag sequence could be used for example.

Anyway thank for this great pedal, and keep the good work !


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Hello there,

Thank you for your suggestion suggestions,

Unfortunately, we have stopped all work on the current BeatBuddy Manager 1.X. The code was flawed from conception, and we really can only start from scratch with a new UI that gives the same functionality with a lot more smoothness in workflow if we want a stable app with AutoPilot capabilities. This includes a whole rethink of how the BBM uses and organizes assets similar to Ableton’s method of a one stop finder with all your relevant files.

We understand it’s not ideal, but it is the best route for everyone to start fresh with all the capacities we want in mind and no surprises along the way.

This is still in its early stages and we are currently not able to share much detail on where this project is, but we assure you that it is one of our highest priorities to get this out as soon as possible.

Feel free to reach out again once you see us talking about the new 2.0 BBM!

I will also bring up that, as per the Forum Rules, batch requests are not allowed. It is for this reason I am removing this from the feature requests category and tagging as #batch. Once we do start up BBM 2.0, please feel free to chime in if you feel there is something we missed.

You can find out more about making feature requests/bug reports here.

Thanks for your feedback and hope to have more news for you soon!