BB Manager Synchronize Project is greyed out

Any ideas on why synchronize project is greyed out. The beat buddy is plugged into USB and the computer recognizes it as another drive (Drive F in my case).

I was following the tutorial from Psalm40 (thanks for the great tutorial), but I am stuck at the end getting my new songs folder onto the beat buddy.



Never mind. I loaded the default project from a web download so it wasn’t linked yet. Once I overwrote what was on the SD card, I can now sync.

Can you tell me how you got that? I have added a ton of songs in the manager software , hit sync, it says it did …but does not show up on card when re’installed to beat buddy pedal

Since mine wasn’t set up for syncing to work, I first exported my project to the pedal. Since the only alteration I had was to add some new songs at the end, I allowed it to overwrite the original project that came on the SD card. After it exported the project, it asked me allow Synchronization and I told it yes.

I hope this helps. I’m still learning.


The only issue I have had with synchronising is when I think the BB has lost its link to the project. If I can’t syncronise I reimport the current project from the pedal, for fear that that may overwrite the current project, I export my folder of songs to create a backup and import it back (once I have reimported the project from the pedal). I usually have this problem if I edit the BB’s content on another PC to the usual.

How do you overwrite what’s on the card?

  • Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File > Export > Project to SD card
  • Dialog box appears with “Project Exists overwrite?”
  • Press Okay or Yes

p. 10 of this link: BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) Quick Start Guide