BB Manager Virtual Machine - no song audio - only accent hit will sound

Platform: Macbook Pro i5 (early 2015) OS: Big Sur (11.6.7)
SD Card inserted in MacBook
I had previously updated a clean SD Card with the latest version of the Updated Default Content, utilizing BB Manager. Tested all songs through the Virtual Machine - checked out A-OK, and is fully operational on the BB Pedal & Foot Swx.

Today I decided I wanted to create a custom song, so I shut down the pedal, removed the SD Card, inserted it into the MacBook, started up the MacBook, and launched BB Manager. All of card content seemed to load into BB Manager fine.
I selected a random song and clicked the Virtual Machine pedal. The Virtual Machine appeared to run normally, but there was to audio. Tried another song. Still no sound. Checked sound levels and system sound settings. No good. Started clicking around on things. Discovered that clicking the Left button on the Virtual Footswitch resulted in an audible accent hit, appropriate to the song that was “playing”. Also discovered that clicking the “play” icon in any accent hit window of BB Manager resulted in an audible hit, while clicking the “play” icon in any other portion of the BB Manager produced nothing.

Ejected SD Card. Removed from MacBook, and inserted Card into BB Pedal. Works fine.

Any ideas?

Hi, jazz rescue. Some MacBook Pro (MBP) users have reported audio issues with the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) on the their MBP

Kind of strange that you had audio before in the BBM but not now. Here’s my initial thoughts:

  1. Are you using the notarized version of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) posted here BBM and 1.6.6.c for MAC Signed and Notarized! Reinstall necessary ? If not, probably best to download, unzip and install and see if that helps.

  2. On my 2012 Mac Mini if the SD card is ejected from my Mac and then shut down, and then the SD card is put back in the Mac while it’s still shut down, my Mac will not recognize the SD card when starting back up (has to be inserted after the Mac has rebooted). Don’t know if this is any different on newer Macs and macOS.

  3. Although it sounds like you’re using the BBM to open the project from your SD card, just want to make sure that you have the project in your bbworkspace folder and that it’s the active project and not the one from your SD card. How can you tell which project is active? Hover over the Project Explorer on the left side of your BBM and a tool tip will appear with the path to your active project.

If you don’t have the bbworkspace folder installed in your ~user/Documents path, you should probably do so.

Let me know, please so we can continue to work on your issue.

Problem solved. Wait for all project content to download from iCloud Documents folder to local Documents folder. :roll_eyes: Thanks Apple. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have the same problem on my imac catalina, would you give me detailed steps to solve it.

When I reload from SD card, problem solved. Sorry bother you…

Never really much of a bother. Some users a few years ago reported having similar issues and they resolved it by going into System Preferences - iCloud > Options… and removing the check mark in Desktop & Documents Folders. This applies as far back as with macOS Sierra and going forward. Monterey users are reporting that the check box is checked by default so if you’re updating to Monterey, Big Sur or whatever, make sure to uncheck that box.

If you set up your Mac this way and you want to keep data stored on the iCloud instead of on your computer, that’s your call however, one of the disadvantages may be the problems and odd behavior users are experiencing with the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

Keep in mind that if you uncheck the box, you will probably have to move the data/folders/files from the iCloud to your computer ~user/Documents folder.

In your case, Ozy, it appears your bbworkspace folder might have been stored in your iCloud. If that was the case and you haven’t moved it back to your computer, consider doing so as this will—in most cases—provide a better user experience with the BBM. I would probably not rely on using the project on your SD card when using BBM.